Membership of the Oxford Shul is available as follows:

Full Membership

Full members are entitled to all the benefits the Shul offers. They are also entitled to permanent seats in the Shul, which includes the High Holidays. You are added to our mailing list, and receive regular communications from the Shul, including a monthly newsletter. All your personal details are entered into our database, so that we can notify you of upcoming Yartzeits, and so that your personal simchas and other important events can be noted in the newsletters.

2024 Fees:

 Double Membership: R 10,000
 Single Membership: R 6,300 
 Child/Student: R 1,350

Associate Membership

Associate members are entitled to the same benefits as full members, with the exception of seats for the High Holidays. It is intended for members of other Synagogues, who wish to have additional membership at Oxford as well.

2024 Fees:

 Double Associate Membership: R 4,950
 Single Associate Membership: R 3,125
Please fill in the application form and return to our offices. We will contact you shortly to confirm your application.

Reduced fees are offered under special circumstances. If you find yourself unable to pay the amounts as above, please do not hesitate to speak to the office staff, who will handle the matter in a private and dignified manner.
We never turn away members for financial reasons.